Revolution Design House

CHALLENGE: Work with our client to develop the brand and pinpoint the brand story. Create marketing materials to support the growth of the business.

DELIVERABLES & SERVICES: Brand Book (Positioning, Research, Strategy, Messaging Voice & Tone), Website, Styled Photography, and Brand Video

RESULTS: "Our photos are performing stronger and attracting more engagement on social media," says founder Joe Gibson. Buyers frequently remark on how helpful it is that the furniture is represented accurately on the website and as a result, sales have increased. The foundational brand work has clarified RDH's market positioning and their target audience, leading to business growth.


Brand Story

At Revolution Design House we believe in the simplicity of good design, blending quality with comfort, and crafting meaningful experiences. Using authentic materials, we create furnishings that weave into the story of your life and stand the test of time in commercial, hospitality, and residential spaces.

After I pinpointed the brand story, I applied a minimalistic aesthetic and calm tone to all touch points from web design and styled photography, to print collateral. My photography guidelines recommend that we place the product in an environment that reinforces the level of quality and sophistication, such as the marble floors and brick walls seen here. These elements support the aesthetic without overshadowing the product. This allows for modern, simple vignettes which showcase the beauty of RDH designs. I also address lifestyle photography guidelines, suggesting we tap into emotion and integrate the products in a natural, organic way. When people are not in the photos, imply their presence by allowing imperfections - a wrinkled sheet, a mug on the countertop, food from a meal that was enjoyed. This supports the brand values of meaningful experiences and implies a connection between the customers and their furnishings.


Brand Values

Approachable Sophistication
Meaningful Experiences
Intentional Living



Design Consultation

Color consultations led to new colorways and expanded offerings, while remaining on brand.

Exploring color within a monochromatic treatment allowed RDH to go bold while remaining serene. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 2.38.36 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 2.16.26 PM.png