Built Property Co

MY ROLE: As Brand Director I lead Brand Development, Naming and Content Strategy

THE TEAM: Karen Locke: Copywriter (naming sessions)

CHALLENGE: Establish a new brand for an existing property development group

SOLUTION: Rebrand and rename a property development group to embody the founder and stands out in the PNW market

DELIVERABLES & SERVICES: Naming, Brand Book and Social Media Content Strategy

RESULTS: Launch pending


Brand Goals

Historic renovations honoring the past
New developments tastefully uniting design elements from the past with the present
Envision, design, and create timeless elegance
Provide expertise in every role and succeed by creating value in the region and the industry
Do business the right way, be loyal, honorable, trustworthy, and practice reciprocity


Crafting the Brand Story

Built Property Co. envisions, designs, and creates timeless elegance. We are a property development company focused on the commercial and residential sectors of the PNW market. Associated with high-end, high-touch design, and honest materials, Built Co. raises the bar. We have a culture of competence, with a hard-working, self-motivated team of experts who are driven to achieve with honor. 

We believe that purposeful design creates value. Built Co. practices a reciprocal approach to our work, mindful of the end users and the living, growing neighborhoods we help shape. We develop in ways which promote beauty, longevity, and create culture through thoughtfully curated commercial tenants. Our aesthetic is inspired by historic American and European architecture. Built Co, because good design is timeless.

This story communicates the ethos of the brand - classic, trustworthy and design oriented. We bring it to life by developing the look and feel to capture the attention of target customers.

Screen Shot 2019-08-11 at 1.34.22 AM.png


After developing the Brand Book, I led a naming process and we arrived at Built Property Co. The new name is classic, strong and alludes to heritage both in style and tone. Built Property Co, Because Good Design is Timeless.

Brand Moodboard   *imagery in moodboards are pulled from online sources and used internally, not intended for commercial use

Brand Moodboard

*imagery in moodboards are pulled from online sources and used internally, not intended for commercial use

Architectural and Lifestyle Photography Guidelines

For architectural imagery, shoot at an angle that elevates the building to fine art. Emphasize luxury, design, highlight details, and compose high end, handsome, timeless imagery. Reinforce the level of quality and sophistication with occasional B&W imagery. For lifestyle imagery, showcase an idealized setting for the desired lifestyle and leave the identity of the models anonymous so the customer may insert themselves into the story. Capture foliage, brick, wood, or light sources for added warmth as needed.


Social Media Content Strategy

The content strategy defines what and when to post on social media. From content categories and storytelling concepts to strategic hashtags, this guide addresses how to use social media as a powerful tool to connect with your audience, grow relationships, and increase brand awareness. While designing Built Co’s social media content strategy, I kept commercial and residential tenants and investors top of mind.

Bio, Content Categories and Storytelling Concepts

Bio, Content Categories and Storytelling Concepts