Gary Bodker Designs

MY ROLE: Lead all Strategic Brand Development, Content Development, Marketing Strategy, Copywriting and Creative Direction.

THE TEAM: Arthur Hitchcock: Photographer

CHALLENGE: Establish a strong brand for a glass blowing business and create marketing materials to increase sales.

SOLUTION: Make glass more approachable by creating a brand that speaks to target customers with a warmer look and feel while reinforcing that glassware is both stylish and durable - for everyday use. Create a social media marketing funnel which drives sales while offering authentic value.

DELIVERABLES & SERVICES: Brand Book, Social Media Content and Marketing Strategy, Website, Copywriting, Product Design Consultation, Product and Lifestyle Photography.

RESULTS: The site just launched and was well received. Stay tuned for long-term results.

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The Brand Book, A Foundational Strategic Playbook

The Brand Book contains the brand story, foundation (focus, values, vision, purpose), brand archetype, audience demographics/psychographics/behavioral/geographical research, customer personas, competitive and analogous analysis, points of differentiation, positioning, guidelines for brand voice and messaging, moodboards and visual guidelines.

Brand Book: Brand Story and Inspiration for Messaging

Brand Book: Brand Story and Inspiration for Messaging

Establish Brand Goals and Identify the Target Audience

Knowing how your brand should speak and who it should speak to is key. Engaging and effective brands deeply align with their values, connect with their audience and differentiate from the competition by creating their own lane. This phase of discovery and development plays a pivotal role in a brand’s evolution and growth. Brand Goals are identified through an in depth workshop with the owner, by conducting research and with deep strategic thinking.

GBD Brand Goals

Elevate everyday objects
Develop cohesive product lines
Make glass more accessible
Focus on user-centric experiences
Craft connections between objects and people


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*imagery in moodboards are pulled from online sources, not intended for commercial use

*imagery in moodboards are pulled from online sources, not intended for commercial use

Content that Crafts Connections Between the Products and the People

Gary Bodker Designs, elevated essentials for handcrafted connections.

This slogan speaks to the ethos of the brand - that everyday items can connect us with the people in our lives and become part of our rituals and our memories. We bring this concept to life with impactful storytelling across all touchpoints to capture the attention of our target customers and spark their emotions.

Find beauty in the small moments. While sipping a beverage with your closest friends, giving a treasured housewarming gift or gathering to share a meal and make memories.

Elevate your home and kitchen essentials with handcrafted glassware by Gary Bodker Designs. Each piece is unique, durable, and intended for everyday use.

Product Descriptions that Inspire Togetherness

Nesting Bowls: A sturdy yet elegant canvas to share your culinary creations with guests. Perfect for potluck dinners, salads or a cool and refreshing gazpacho enjoyed on a warm summer day. Complete your set with our hand carved wooden serving utensils.

Available in Charcoal, Midnight, Plum, Wheat, Spruce, Rose, Apricot, Ocean, Lagoon, and Lemon.

I named the colors to sound down to earth and be easy to envision, aligning with the goal of making glass more approachable and warm.


On-Brand Product Design

Design consultations from a brand-perspective led to the development of new colorways and a cohesive product line that elevated everyday objects, designed with the end user in mind.

Product and Lifestyle Photography that Tells a Story

Hand blown glass is typically shown in a visually cold and stark manner that makes it difficult to imagine utilizing in everyday life. In response to this, I directed the photoshoot to show glass in warm and lifelike settings. These images appeal to the aesthetic and lifestyle of the target audience. By placing the glassware amongst ceramic and wooden elements, we soften the appearance and show how glass can be incorporated casually into a stylish household.


Social Media Content and Marketing Strategy to Increase Visibility and Sales

The content strategy defines what and when to post on social media. From content categories and storytelling concepts to strategic hashtags, this guide addresses how to use social media as a powerful tool to connect with your audience, grow relationships, and increase brand awareness. While designing GBD’s new Pinterest presence, I kept Interior Designers, Customers and Wholesalers top of mind.

The recipe blog on the website is part of a social media marketing funnel which takes potential customers from content on Instagram and Pinterest to the website by clicking through to view recipes and then converts by prompting them to shop the products in the recipe photo. This process offers authentic value to the customer that is both on brand and speaks to their interest in entertaining and cooking for their guests.

Social Media Content Strategy

Social Media Content Strategy

Pinterest Presence

Pinterest Presence

Social Media Marketing Funnel

Social Media Marketing Funnel