Marriott: Press Release Coffee + Food

MY ROLE: Lead a Naming Strategy Workshop and provide Strategy and Creative Direction for brand identity design.

THE TEAM: Zach Yarrington: Graphic Designer and Copywriter: Thomas E. McCracken.

CHALLENGE: Partner with the Marriott Marketing Team and Food + Beverage Development Team to guide the naming of their new coffee house and design a brand identity system to use for all signage and product packaging.

SOLUTION: Lead a Naming Strategy Workshop for the Marriott team. Design a Brand Identity System which speaks to the target audience, communicates the brand positioning and takes into consideration the interior design of the space.

DELIVERABLES & SERVICES: Naming Options and a Brand Identity System.

RESULTS: Press Release Coffee + Food launched in May 2019 in downtown Portland and has been well received.

Image courtesy of Marriott

Image courtesy of Marriott

Naming Strategy Workshop

We knew the coffee house was slated to be committed to the craft of coffee (sourcing beans from local roasters) and planned to offer a menu highlighting the fresh, local flavors of Portland's favorite bakeries, creameries, and farms. We also took into consideration the hotel’s other dining venue, named Proof•Reader Whiskey + Craft + Kitchen. In our workshop I walked the teams through several brainstorming exercises to generate naming categories such as Locality, Heritage, and Curated Craft. We also identified the emotion and experience we wanted to elicit as Warmth, Kindness and a Sense of Discovery. Ultimately the name Press Release was chosen as it speaks to the process of pressing the beans to release the flavor and fits nicely into the existing theme established by Proof•Reader.

Balancing the Look and Feel

We created the brand identity in consideration of the industrial interior design of the coffee house which features striking walnut, steel and tile details. The hand drawn lettering of the logo adds warmth (and speaks to the craft aspect of the brand) to balance the overall experience.


Image courtesy of Marriott

Image courtesy of Marriott


Food and Beverage Packaging

The logo has been applied to a number of products and accessories including the packaging of a custom coffee blend made in partnership with Water Avenue Coffee Company.