Revolution Design House

MY ROLE: Lead all Brand Development, Brand and Marketing Strategy and Creative Direction (for photography, videography, graphic design, web design and copywriting) as well as consult on product design from a brand perspective.

THE TEAM: Sarah Collins: Graphic Designer, Arthur Hitchcock: Photographer and Nufolk: Video Production Co.

CHALLENGE: Gain clarity on brand positioning/target audience and create marketing materials to support the price point and increase sales.

SOLUTION: Develop a brand look and feel that embodies approachable sophistication and attracts customers looking to cultivate a space that focused on intentional living.

DELIVERABLES & SERVICES: Brand Book, Styled Photography, Product Design Consultation, Print + Digital Collateral, and Brand Video.

RESULTS: "Our photos are performing stronger and attracting more engagement on social media," says founder Joe Gibson. Buyers frequently remark on how helpful it is that the furniture is represented accurately on the website and as a result, sales have increased. The brand strategy work has clarified RDH's market positioning and their target audience, leading to business growth.


Establishing the Brand Foundation and Identifying the Target Audience

Knowing how your brand should “speak” and who it should “speak to” is key. Engaging and effective brands deeply align with their values, connect with their audience, and differentiate from the competition by creating their own lane. This phase of discovery and development plays a pivotal role in a brand’s evolution and growth. I established the brand’s foundation through an in depth workshop with the owners, by conducting research and with deep strategic thinking.

Brand Values

Approachable Sophistication
Meaningful Experiences
Intentional Living


Brand Book   *imagery in moodboards are pulled from online sources and used internally, not intended for commercial use

Brand Book

*imagery in moodboards are pulled from online sources and used internally, not intended for commercial use

Watch the Brand Video

Crafting the Brand Story

At Revolution Design House we believe in the simplicity of good design, blending quality with comfort, and crafting meaningful experiences. Using authentic materials, we create furnishings that weave into the story of your life and stand the test of time in commercial, hospitality, and residential spaces.

This story communicates the ethos of the brand. We bring it to life across all touchpoints from concept through execution to capture the attention of ideal customers with on-brand content and impactful storytelling. To communicate simplicity, I directed a minimalistic aesthetic and sincere tone for the website, styled photography and print materials. To reinforce themes of quality and sophistication, my product photography guidelines recommend placing the furniture in an environment that supports the price point without overshadowing the product design. We selected a hotel lobby with white brick walls and marble flooring as the photoshoot location.

I also address lifestyle photography and videography guidelines, suggesting we tap into emotion and integrate the products in an authentic, less commercial way. When people are not in the photos, imply their presence by allowing imperfections - a wrinkled sheet, a mug on the countertop, food from a meal that was just enjoyed. This supports the value of creating meaningful experiences, reinforces approachable sophistication and speaks to a connection between customers and their furnishings as seen in the video above.


Product Design Consultation

Design consultations from a brand perspective led to the development of new colorways and expanded offerings, all while remaining true to the brand.

Exploring color within a monochromatic treatment (seen here) allowed RDH to go bold while remaining serene. 

Digital and Print Materials

The online and in-print customer experience reinforce the brand values. These simple yet impactful designs lead with imagery and provide important information the target audience would desire.

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 2.38.36 PM.png
Print materials

Print materials

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 2.16.26 PM.png